Day #084: Just Keep Swimming

I’m no swimmer but I am persistent. I’m constantly fighting myself about the idea of being where I want to be. I can see the end, I can see what I want and I know what I want. However, I also see the present and I don’t entirely see how I am going to get to where I want to go or I don’t always see the results coming through. But what I do know, is if I continue to push, continue to step it up, to bounce back, to fight harder, I will get there. I will get there.

No matter what comes my way, I need to adjust, I need to embrace and I need to conquer any hindrance. If I fail, I shall try again.

Regardless – I will learn and pivot and go after my goals with a new perspective!


Everyday I am trying to improve and challenge myself to be better at what I do and who I am while at the same time grow into the success I want to be.

In order to do this, it requires me to step it up, and step out of comfort zones and sometimes take a leap.

Being willing to stretch that little more and to take someones confidence in you will inspire you and remind you of just how capable you are.

 I’m doing this in small doses in order to conquer fear; but I must say, it is working.

Rather than making the excuse, why not give it a try – to see what you can do… you may even surprise yourself.

My challenge to you today is to challenge your fears, be willing to grow and just see what you are really capable of!

 “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it.” — Maya Angelou

And whenever something gets in the way, hinders you and creates a set back. No matter what…