Day #087: Stay Positive

We all have our tough moments and difficulties in which sometimes it is easier to give up or surrender. But, I find the best way to build and create your mindset for optimism and opportunity is to stay positive. Being positive can be overwhelming for others, but it can also inspire and challenge others – let alone yourself.

Sometimes the difficulties we face in life come from situations out of our control, and other times our difficulties are a direct consequence of the decisions we make.
In life, we cannot change events or their outcome.  We can, however, choose the emotion and meaning we attach to them.

Especially when you are fighting for a goal or working towards a target. You may be stuck to move forward, so find another way but remain positive.

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal. – Unknown

If you still find it hard to stay positive or maybe you are looking for new ways too, the below 10 questions will help.

10 Questions To Ask Yourself To Stay Positive When Times Get Tough:

  1. Am I Still Breathing?
    Yes you are. But take 10 minutes and just breathe deeply. Keep your breathing right to stay relaxed.
  2. What Is My Part In This?
    Acknowledge and accept if you have a responsibility in the current situation. 

    Don’t take or cast the blame, but focus on fixing your mistake.
  3. What Is In My Control?
    Identify what you can control and focus on that.
  4. What Is Out Of My Control?
    Identify what is out of your control, note it and move on. Let it go.
  5. What Is My Emotional State?
    Before you go making quick on the fly decisions, make sure your head is in the game. If you need to take a breather do it.

    I like to go for a run or hit the GYM to refresh the mind.
  6. What Is The Most Important Thing I Can Do Right Now?
    This may be nothing, but identify what it is the most important thing and do it.
  7. What Can I Learn From This?
    With every challenge and set back comes a lesson learned. This is to grow you and build you.
    Don’t ask yourself ‘Why me’ but ask your self ‘What can I learn from this’.
  8. Am I Taking Care Of Myself?
    When challenges arise, the most common things we do are eat less, sleep less, and get less physical activity. 
    Maintain a normal sleep schedule.  Eat healthy.  Stay hydrated.  Get some physical activity.  
    Maintaining your physical state is a key to maintaining your mental and emotional states.
  9. What Are My Choices?
    Make a list. Write them down. Pros vs. Cons. This will create a fresh perspective and bring all the options together clearly.
  10. Will This Matter 5 Years From Now?
    Don’t sweat the small stuff… and really, 95% of our difficulties are all small stuff.
    Asking yourself if this will matter in 5 years times, will bring you back down to earth and remind you that this is a small challenge and it isn’t the ‘end of the world’.

These 10 Questions should help increase your confidence that yes, we can weather this storm.  

Remember: Progress is progress, no matter how small, and progress towards resolving a difficult situation will boost your self-esteem.