Day #095: Our Own Effort


A few times I have noted that your worst critic is yourself. Your worst enemy is yourself. Do you take an effort to put down or encourage yourself?

I mean let’s be honest, if you wouldn’t say it to someone else, then you shouldn’t be saying it to yourself.

Yes it is great to be tough and hard on ourselves, as this pushes us to do more and outside our comfort zones. However being too hard or tough on ourselves to the point in which we destroy any self-worth let alone motivation to progress further is not advocated!

Most people start off with little or low self-confidence, but as a result of their own efforts, they become bold and brave and outgoing. – Brian Tracy

Most of us will start off with little or very low-self confidence, however as noted above it is due to the result of OUR OWN EFFORTS that we become bold and brave and outgoing.

Yes our own efforts.

You need to get out there and push yourself. You need to believe in yourself.

If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect others too. You need to set the bar.

A recent video inspired by Dove has been making it’s self known across the internet. In the case you have missed it, I have posted a link below for your reference.
No matter how confident we are, we’re always our own harshest critics.#‎OneBeautifulThought‬ This campaign is focused towards women – but it is an eye opener for all!

Link to video: See More Here