Day #105: Next Highest Peak

Climbing to the top of the peak requires hard work. I would like to think that I am a hard worker, and I hope you can honestly say the same.

As with hard work comes a great climb. A journey and sometimes a struggle to the top which takes you through plenty of threatening and exciting situations.

Climbing the mountain of success is like stepping into the unknown, but with passionate determination. – Chris Furlong

Even though it may be scary or full of obstacles, your passionate determination, continues to motivate, empower and drive your hunger to reach the next highest peak.

By the time you reach your destination you should have and will be experiencing one of two types of growth. Now these are both well valued growths and important and I’m sure you have parts of your life in which you could have a bit of both. But for the sake of the task, I challenge you to pick one of these. Which one would you think would summarise your style? Your journey?

  1. The first type of growth is logarithmic.
    Logarithmic growth increases quickly in the beginning, but the gains decrease and become more difficult as time goes on.
    This could be: Fitness/Strength, Literacy, Language, Weight Loss, Musical Skill
  2. The second type of growth is exponential.
    Exponential growth increases slowly in the beginning, but the gains increase rapidly and become easier as time goes on.
    This could be: Investments and Wealth, Social Media Followers, Entrepreneurship or Business Growth
I guess the whole point of this is to understand that the view at the end of the climb is worth it. How you get there (through growth) will vary and that’s OK. But remember it is important to understand the type of growth curve you are and set your expectations. If you’re not happy. Then CHANGE IT!

Make your climb to the next highest peak.