Day #106: The Commute

Your morning commute to work is a mere metaphoric reflection of your life. Think about it. You travel towards a destination, which is never just a hop or a skip away. Usually it can take patience and sometimes even great effort. Like life, nothing is ever so easy and if you want to see results (good results) of your goals, then you need to be patient and persistent.

It’s like driving into a storm, it can be rough, tough and full of obstacles, misdirection and of course full of risk. But on the other side of any good storm, are better skies and a richer land. Calmness.

Storms, are the problems, hassles and ongoing whirlwinds we go through. If you want to stop them you need to go to the eye of the storm. The source of the problem.

To be successful you must accept all challenges that come your way. You can’t just accept the ones you like. – Unknown

Sometimes, traffic is bumper-to-bumper or even gridlocked, which means your journey to your end goal may take a bit longer than you planned. The traffic serves as a roadblock to your life, and you just need to navigate it at your own pace. Travelling will mean things will occur out of your control, requiring additional changes, plans, set backs and these can be both positive and negative things. But some times we just need to learn to adapt and adjust. Survive in the moment.

My challenge to you today is… next time you are travelling into work or your daily destination, take a moment to compare it to the bigger picture of your life. You may have an epiphany and just realize something new you can do. But the real point today is to be ready for things to not go your way, for things to take longer than expected. Adapt, try again and solider on. Soon enough you will get to your destination!