Day #108: Lift You Up

We should all have some daily mantras to remind ourselves who and what we are doing that will help lift us up. With the busy lives we live, this can be forgotten way too easily, when really it should be a priority in our life, to keep us focused on track to be the best we can.

Below are 5 quick daily reminders, you should not only remind yourself of, but also explore and grow in each day:

  1. I am amazing.
  2. I can do anything.
  3. Positivity is a choice.
  4. I celebrate my individuality.
  5. I am prepared to succeed.

The message today is to realize just how amazing you are, that you can do more than you think you are capable of and you can choose to smile or not.

You should be able to handle and look after yourself and you should be willing to shine and step it up each day and everyday. Sometimes we just need to lift ourselves up.

Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive. – Jelly Wong

Having read the above 5 points, do you believe them? Do you think you can apply them to your daily life. Make it a challenge, or a goal. If you don’t like these particular ones, create your own.

Think about if you had 5 of your own, what would they be? Remember, what you tell yourself is either going to lift you up or bring you down, so why not lift your self up and see how high you can go!