Day #114: Everyday Happiness

Everyday I make sure I laugh. Laughter is a crucial element to any good day. Not only does it help bring happiness to the day, but it can also enlighten the people around you.

Laughter will generate a happiness like no other! So laugh daily! Laugh with your friends, family and loved ones!

Everyday use your imagination, as it has no age. Daily, I try to imagine something more, something better and something to come. Which brings me to DREAMS. These are forever. When you achieve one, there is always another! The best part about it is you can take action on your dreams today. You could wait till tomorrow, but why wait when you can start now.

Everyday is wonderful just because it is a new day. It is a new opportunity to enjoy life, to grow and to adventure on. Life will never be perfect, but why don’t you live like it is and you can do this by enjoying the wonders it brings!

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. – Charles Spurgeon

On the topic of happiness and enjoying the day, here are 20 things you should think about as these may just be the reason you are hindering your happiness:

  1. Making Excuses
  2. Give Up Stress
  3. Remove Bad Habits
  4. Stop Making Hastily Decisions
  5. Give Up Regrets
  6. Give Up Resentments
  7. Stop Try To Control The Future
  8. Stop Being Irresponsible
  9. Stop Chasing The Wrong People
  10. Let Go Of Unresolved Relationships
  11. Stop Trying To Please Everybody
  12. Stop Limiting Yourself
  13. Give Up Disappointments
  14. Stop Feeling Misunderstood
  15. Be Yourself
  16. Stop Looking For The Easy Way Out
  17. Give Up Junk Food
  18. Stop Being Unsatisfied With Your Body
  19. Stop Worrying About Money
  20. Stop Hoarding – Give More