Day #132: Oh Yea! Success


Today is terrific, today is the best kind of day, today is the success I will make. Why? Because I want it to be. I choose it to be. Attitude defines my day and the best part is, I have control over it each and every day.

Leon Ho, founder of Lifehack said:

There are three types of people, those who do not ask enough questions, those who have a lot of questions but no intention to answer them and those who ask good questions and seek ways to answer them.

Society today says to settle for the ordinary and to go with what is the usual and what people know. Don’t get me wrong, sticking to what you know will work but sometimes stepping out and working until it is better than the norm, will work better.

Questions are an important part of life and as I noted yesterday, successful people are asking themselves questions all the time. Today again, I have some more striking questions to ask yourself to challenge and prompt your mind into success.

Whenever you are doing something, like a new gig or job or even a task… ask yourself:

  1. Is this what I really want to do?
  2. Will this provide me an avenue for growth?
  3. What strategies will define my success at this?
  4. Do I have the belief or mindset to accomplish this?
  5. What are my greatest strengths?
  6. Can I improve the lives others by doing this? Or how can I improve the lives around me by doing this?
  7. What rules have to be broken to get this done?
  8. Am I learning from my mistakes?
  9. Will the people around me be supportive? Or destructive?
  10. What bad habits do I need to stop that can alter my success?

“The most successful people in life are the ones who ask questions. They’re always learning. They’re always growing. They’re always pushing.” – Robert Kiyioski

Aside from these 10 Questions – another driving element of being successful, that I believe is CRUCIAL to success is your mindset.

Successful people – never give up!

Yes, this one sounds cliche-ish but the truth is that highly successful people never give up. While most people would give up on their third or fourth try, for the highly successful individual, failures are simply life lessons that get them one step closer to achieving the victory they seek.

So will you ask yourself these 10 questions… and how long will it take you to give up?