Day #163: The Morning Jump

It is Saturday today and I can probably say that most people will be jumping for joy in celebration that it is the end of the work week. It’s great to be able to appreciate a well deserved break, but let me ask you one thing:

Why is it that you are so happy for Saturday to be here? I mean yes obviously it is because you want to do something other that what you have been doing all week. You want to be able to enjoy your time doing the things you want to be doing. Right?

So why on earth are you not doing this everyday?

Oh but your usual response would be: I need to work in order to do this, or to pay for that. Yes you do, but why don’t you do something you actually enjoy, love and are passionate about?

But before we get into the debate of following your dreams and being the hero to yourself you have always wanted to be.

Lets take it back to something a little more basic. Setting a goal each day that will inspire you to jump out of bed.

For some this will be easy, but others not so easy. 

For me, it is the opportunity of each day, embracing it knowing that you can go into it giving it your best and the best part is, you finish the day knowing you did your best. Which would mean you will always have the best kind of day!

So my challenge to you today is; now that you are already awake, you have already missed the setting of your daily goal, but how about you plan for tomorrow. Plan what it is you are going to jump out of bed for? Then write it down. Capture your adventure, your achievements each day and then you can use this to reflect a little later. You will be surprised of how encouraging it can be.

Monday to Friday are the best kind of days. Saturday and Sunday, are just the same!

So remember!! 

Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning. – The Colour Run