Day #175: I Say Get Out Of Bed

Each morning as the sun rises, or even before, we lie waiting for the sound of what we call the ‘wretched alarm’.

If you’re an iPhone lover, then the mention of the classic alarm ringtone will give you anxiety every time.

Anyway, each morning your alarm goes off and you are given a split moment to make a decision. As you open your eyes you know what needs to be done, but within the first 5 seconds of waking you fight every urge to decide shall you snooze or shall you get up.

For me, this is 4:45AM sharp. My back up alarm is 4:50AM, just in case.

As you make this decision, and depending on the day, you are reminded of the places you have to be, the job you have and the responsibilities you have.

For some the snooze button is: The easy fix for all things annoying.

For others it is a reset button of something new, something fresh. A new challenge, a new day. It is a chance at something more. Maybe even a second chance. But no matter what the day is, this day is opportunity.

So what does this ongoing battle to snooze or not snooze mean? Well below I have some points and theories which you may find relevant.

If you don’t hit snooze, it means facing your issues.

This is GREAT. It means you know you have things to do, things you are not scared to face. Or maybe you are terrified, but you are bold enough and brave enough to take a stand and take ownership of your day. Even more so your life. I say skip the snooze button and jump out of bed, as today is your day and you never know just what wonders may come a float!


You always end up giving up when things get too messy.

Mornings are hard. Relationships are hard. You’d rather hit snooze and just… not do anything. Life is hard…You know getting out of bed will have to happen eventually, but it sounds so hard. You’d rather just go to sleep than deal with anything stressful. I personally don’t like the sound of this one…

You never want to open your eyes.

You do not want to open your eyes and see the harsh reality of the day. You get anxiety wondering if this is going to be a bad day.

You’re constantly delaying things.

You press the snooze button, delay the things you need to get finished, and nothing ever really gets completed.

You always think something better will happen in five more minutes.

Maybe it will… but most of the time you just fall behind…

When you finally summon the ambition to move, you’re already behind.

By the time you are up and moving, you are already rushing as you are behind. You feel like a mess, you haven’t eaten and your rushing to get out the door or make it time for your first meeting.

“Nothing will work unless you do.” – John Wooden

So there you go. 1 Positive and 5 Negatives. Seems like hitting the snooze button aside from some extra sleep, is only going to limit your ability to commit and push forward. If you went about snoozing for a year straight, or even a month… imagine the bad habits, or the lack of routine you would create. Do you really want to let yourself down, all for another 5 minutes. As one day, that 5 minutes will turn into a loss of a job, a missed opportunity, a lazy lifestyle and eventually it will start to play on your mind, potentially having you start to second guess, question and challenge what you are doing with your life.

I say get out of bed.

“Working hard becomes a habit, a serious kind of fun. You get self-satisfaction from pushing your self to the limit, knowing that all the effort is going to pay off.” – Mary Lou Retton