Day #176: Checkpoint

We are so close of hitting the halfway point for the year and I figured that now is better than ever to take a quick checkpoint before really analyzing how the first 6 months of the year has progressed.

Looking back over the past months, 2016 is ticking on quickly and soon enough we will be knocking on 2017. The scary fact is, people are planning next year already and we haven’t even finished this year, let alone hit half way. So it is important you make your next 6 months better than the ones before.

If you think you’ve already made it, that’s when you can fall short and go backwards. I’m constantly pushing forward and chasing the element of perfection. – Jason Derulo

But in all honesty, this quick checkpoint should tell you one of two things. Either you need to up your game for the next 6 months, or you need to keep on keeping on. Regardless, there is no backing down. So either way you need to be moving forward.

On paper my year is progressing well. I am learning lots, growing lots, achieving lots and majority of this is in my work life. This is great as I have had a goal to set a deep foundation in my career, setting me up for the longer years ahead. Likewise, I have also achieved some things this year in my personal life which I have been trying to do for a while. So in all honesty, I should be proud!

But if I have done all this in the first 6 months, what do I have to aim for in the next? I know exactly what. For the next 6 months I want to up the anti. Recently, I have had to focus on work, which I have loved and will continue to do so. However, I also want to grow things out side of work too. I want to ensure that my work skills don’t only reflect there, but reflect across my entire life. And vice versa.

So what am I going to do?

I’m going to push harder. I will look at the next 6 months just like another day. And each day I strive to do and be better than the day before. If I don’t end up coming out better, than the experience itself is worth it. I still have some goals and things I want to knock out and I still have 6 months to do it. But my plan is to overcome these goals and go greater.

The question I have for you is; what are you going to do for the next 6 months. Checkpoint today and take a high level evaluation of what you have done for the past 6 months. Are you happy?

We can all improve, but if you are not happy, what are you going to do about it. That is the ultimate question. What are you going to do about your next 6 months?

Will you step it up, keep it going or maybe you wont do anything?