Day #178: Consistently Realistic

When it comes to keeping active and healthy, exercise is obviously an important key. But the real key is consistency and being realistic. For some this requires some hard motivation and a push to get out there, while for others, they cannot get out there quick enough. Like any habit, goal and journey, it takes time to see the results and to see how far you have progressed. Depending on contributing factors, the time will vary and so will the intensity of the progress.

There are many ways to stay committed, to stay motivated, to see it through to the finish line and this is for any good habit, goal or routine. However, the real key may be as simple as  ‘keep on keeping on’. As long as you’re doing, then you are progressing and as long as you are consistently realistic. 

Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes… but no plans. – Peter Drucker

See below on some ways you can keep on keeping on:

Force yourself to actually do something

If you can just get yourself doing something related to your goal each day, even if it is small, you’re already ahead of the game. If you do it in the morning, at the crack of dawn, even better as you will have fewer interruptions. But doing something, rather than nothing is still progress.

Extreme – Yes or No?

Whatever your new goal is, you have a choice to attack it slow and steady, which is still reliable. Or you can hit the nail on the head and jump in cold turkey. The difference? Going slow and steady will set up a consistency, which just may require the results to actually become tangible a little slower. Jumping in cold turkey, may be extreme, it may be harder, but it will not only have you smashing out our goals quicker, but it will be training your mind and willpower to overcome. As long as you are making progress and your are content with it. Either will do. This will also depend on the type of goal you are doing.

Track it

You constantly scroll through your Instagram feed, so why not download one more app? It will always motivate you when you can actually see the progress and with all the tracking apps out there, you can do this for your goal in some real fun and exciting ways. If you are a gamer, and struggle to exercise? Try this one: HabitRPG | Your Life the Role Playing Game

Find some passion while you do it

When you’re actually working on your goal, find a way to do it that you enjoy doing. Let’s say you’re trying to lose 10kg and you have never exercised, or had a routine to keep you honest. This is the perfect chance to do a workout that you find fun. You could swim, box, run, walk, go intense or slow it down with yoga… There are so many options, there will always be one for you. This is the same for other goals. 

Educate yourself

Knowledge is power, people. Just don’t try to impart your wisdom on those who didn’t ask for it. If you’re going to be doing and trying new things to get this goal over the line, you may as well educate yourself. As once you succeed, I can assure you, you will have others looking to you for the secrets of success and when you have the knowledge to share, this can benefit you quite well!

Apply it to your life

What’s that? You don’t have time to focus in your goal? Well firstly, that’s a joke as where is your priorities? However, I can understand we all have busy lives and the best way to ensure you are doing something for your goals each day, is to embed your efforts, within your daily do. Trying to hit those 10,000 steps each day? How about skip the subway and walk? Want to read a book a week? Read while you commute. These are some simple and very basic examples, but that’s all it needs to be. Think of it like killing two birds with one stone.

Own it and take charge

The key to sticking to your goals, is owning them and taking charge of your plans. There will be sacrifice and make it clear that when you are working on your goal, this is your time. If people ask if you are busy, YES YOU ARE BUSY. You have something on. Your goal working time! I’m sure some people will find it silly, or say you can do that anytime. Well that’s not true. You have dedicated this time as this is the time you can do it. So be strong, stand tall when it comes to staying on top of goal progress. As it only takes a couple of times skipping your usual goal working session and you will be back sliding… and all that PROGRESS will start to decompose. It is your choice. Own it!