Day #185: What Happened To Taking Action

Until you take tangible action, not much is going happen. Action is the key part in any movement.

Are you ready for change? No? Well it is time to get use to it. 

Are you ready for opportunity? Maybe? Well it is time to be ready for it.

Are you ready for something new? No? Well you need to be.

Everyday we wake up, we do what we do, or don’t do what we should do and we make a split second decision to either EMBRACE today or simply SOOK about it. 

But then there is the excuse that… my life is tough, everything is falling to pieces… everything is breaking. Well you know what! Get down on the floor and start picking these pieces up. Start pulling your weight. Start lifting yourself up. Life will always be tough. It isn’t easy for those who seem to have it altogether, but they are EMBRACING IT, They are TAKING OPPORTUNITY. They are open to CHANGE. They are ready for the NEW.

Pull yourself together. If you want something or wish you could be something, do or have something, then you need to stop doing nothing about it and get out there and find it. Get out there and start making noise and progress…

Have you ever thought: 

When we are in a particular situation, we take lots of irrelevant factors into account. But when we’re external to it, we sometimes look at things more objectively. – Unknown

The problem is…

We hesitate to look inward to find solutions for a problem, two major things happen: one, we don’t hold ourselves responsible for solving the problem, which makes the problem last longer; and two, we don’t take any of our own advice to solve said problem, mainly because we haven’t consulted ourselves at all.

If you gave yourself the same tough love that you’d give someone else, perhaps you’ll solve your problems faster than you think — and perhaps you’ll realize that, yes, the solution really is that simple.

Get out there, take action and take control of the moment. Take control of today. 

Embrace it. Live it. Breathe it.