Day #188: Believing In Yourself


Yesterday I mentioned that we are our biggest critics and worst enemies. Some of you may know this from a first-hand experience, however, there is an escape! Believing in yourself and choosing to.

4 Reasons Why You Should be Believing In Yourself:
– You were created to be successful.
– You’re better/stronger than you think.
– You’ve been lied to about yourself.
– You are in charge of your experience.

Dive deeper and read more on each one:

You were created to be successful.

As Shakespeare said: “What a piece of work is man…”

Your mind, body, and soul are the finest examples of a true work of art- with capabilities you have yet to even imagine. The more you grow and learn, the more you will understand just how AMAZING you are. Don’t be afraid to trust yourself.

You’re better/stronger than you think.

We all have a tendency to remember our defeats and lowest moments much more clearly that we recall our triumphs. But if you dig deep enough into your mind vault you will find all the heroic acts of kindness, bravery, nobility, creativity, loyalty, and more that you have generated. Taking a look back now, you ain’t that shabby aye!

You’ve been lied to about yourself.

In your head, 24/7, there is a voice narrating the action of your life. It can be positive and supportive… but most of the time its a critic and the problem is – that voice says things that just aren’t true about you Like any voice in your life, you need to choose who influences you and who does not. Are you going to let this insecure voice continue to control your decisions and thoughts? Fight back and prove this voice wrong. 

You are in charge of your experience.

Do you want to be successful? Decide that you are. Success is not measured by material possessions, nor is happiness. Are you in charge of how you feel? It’s your life… it’s your choice. It is your choice to believe in you or not to. What is a better measure than of beauty, value, health, and other important elements of life than how you feel?

That is the question.

Are you believing in yourself?

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