Day #189: Habits & Character


Habits and character are key to thriving, growing and learning. Advice won’t always come for free, so when a chance comes to learn, grow and to gain insightful information that will potentially enable me to step it up, I am always ready to listen. So should you!

I don’t know about you, but when I was younger I had this idea that as you grew up things would just seem to fall into place like everything would figure itself out…

Well, I was wrong.

There is no point in life where we can just hit fast track and zip forward to when we would like it to be, let alone how we would like it to be.

To build a successful future for now and beyond, forget about comparing your life to others, and start putting your energy into mastering theses 15 habits. They will grow your character.

1. Self-Validation

Finding validation from within means that you are freeing yourself to trust in your life’s purpose when no one else does. Once you begin to trust yourself, more people will want to hear what it is you have to say.

Successful people seek self-validation by:
– Embracing their own self-worth, even when someone is trying to tear them down.
– Remember their life purpose and they always believe in their abilities.
– Don’t take negative comments too seriously

2. Body Empowerment

As you get older, your body can start to slow down. One thing that you should always stay true to, is looking after your body as if it is a temple.
– Don’t let physical limitations determine the rest of your life

3. Living In The Now

You want to live in the present because you can’t change the past and the future is yet to come. Anything can change instantly, which means you will need to adapt and be prepared to take multiple paths to success.
– Don’t believe there is only ONE way to success

4. Organisation

Routine, structure and a good schedule will enable you to have things in order, things simplified and set on a productive track. Starting each day with goals and objectives to complete, can really give you something to work towards.
– Do make time for hobbies, reading, traveling, and relaxing (this is important for your creativity and well-being)

5. Time Management

As you age, time gets shorter. Meaning time is becoming more valuable each day. To use your time wisely ask yourself, “Am I doing anything right now that is amounting to my life goals?” If not, ask yourself, “What can I be doing right now to help myself succeed?”

6. Separation From Technology

It may be a convenience, but it does not bring success being held captive by a small device.  The trick is to find balance and to not forget the reason why you began your path to success in the first place. This one is a hard one!

7. Selecting The Right Relationships

It’s not about cutting everyone out of your life who has ever done you wrong; it’s about surrounding yourself with like-minded people who will put in as much energy as you.
– Don’t think that you owe anyone your time if they stump your growth or drain your enthusiasm.

8. Open-Mindedness

Being open-minded allows to you take criticism and apply it in a positive light. Successful people are accepting to new ideas and by keeping an open mind they put more energy into their self, rather than the business of other people.

9. Supporting Others

Inspire, encourage, motivate… these are what the successful focus on, when trying to build unity and working as a team to become successful together.
– Don’t lead someone for solely your own benefit, be respectable

10. Getting Uncomfortable

Step out of your comfort zone. In order to take risks, you need to stop worrying about what might happen if it doesn’t work out. The key is to: don’t stay stagnant if you are not growing.

11. Letting Go Of Perfection

The main ingredient to success is a failure, so it’s no surprise that most successful people have the capacity to let go of perfection to take their first steps. They know that success is ongoing and learning never stops. Success consists of going from failure to failure without the loss of persistence and passion.

12. Addressing Problems

Before anything gets out of hand, successful people like to source the root of their problem as soon as possible. This helps them bypass hours, days, or even weeks of troubleshooting a situation. There is no point hiding these things under a rug… soon enough they will make a bump and you will end up tripping over these…

13. Being A Leader

Look at it this way: Most successful people are successful because they lead and encourage, rather than bully others around with their “superior” status.

14. Working Hard

Work hard. play harder. But work smart. Successful people don’t always know what they are going to be successful at, but with healthy lifestyle habits, anyone can find success in new or old passions. Keep on keeping on!

15. Perseverance

The goal is to not let any hiccup or roadblock discourage your passion for dreaming big. Turn that dream into reality and never give up on yourself. The only limit is you and what you say there is. Get out there and make your failures launching pads into something better and greater than before.

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