Day #208: 11 Ways You Can Be Awesome And Embrace It

Is it a myth? Is it possible? Is it reachable? Is it normal? Is it already occurring? So many questions…

Awesomeness – what exactly is it and what does it take to be it?

Being awesome is about living the life you are meant to live. It’s all about the confidence, the charisma and the happiness you have, all rolled into a single existence.

So how do you unleash it? Simple. 11 Simple Ways:

Find Passion

What floats your boat? What lights your fire? What makes you happy? What is it that you could be doing, as nothing else matters to you? 
But how do you find passion? Easy. Write down and list everything that makes you tick. Try them until your heart and mind clicks. You will know when you have found it has you will feel it.

Live Passion

Now that you have found it. Live it. But it shouldn’t be some pastime or a hobby you just do when you have the time, passion is something to identify you. You need to live and breathe this in your everyday living. Even if it is in the little things you do. If you have a passion for something, don’t be shy to stand up for it, to embrace and to show it.Passion 24/7.

Healthy Eating

How can you be awesome, if you are feeling disgusted by what you are consuming. Eating well will GREATLY improve your mood, but will also take your mind and body places you cannot go on an unhealthy diet.


With a low energy level, how can you expect to be awesome. With no energy you will be lazy, miserable and soon enough a couch potato. By exercising, you are improving your physique (which is awesome), which will cover the area of helping you look good. Which by the way, no makeup or outfit can make you look better than a fit and clean body.

Sleep Enough

If you are constantly falling asleep, due to the lack of sleep – this isn’t very exciting. You should always sleep enough. If you want to start your day on an AWESOME level, you need to be able to get up. Find your sleep routine which you are content with and which enables your body to operate. With a hint of passion you will be jumping out of bed in no time.

Toxicity No More

Your happiness, your mood, your inspiration and your awesomeness is largely derived from the people you surround yourself with. People who put you down, are not the ones who will inspire you and lift you higher into the zone you thrive off. How can you expect to be awesome, if all the people are doing is bringing you down. People who have the best intentions for you, these are the people who will inspire you and help you become AWESOME. (They too are probably awesome). Hang around these folk.

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking, usually helps create a positive life. Optimism is a choice and it is a way to get through the thick and thin of life. What you think is what you get. They are your reality and how you perceive the thing around you. You want to be HAPPY? Well you better start looking on the bright side. Help shape your own reality, be grateful and happy all the time. People will see the excitement and the positive outlook you have and that right there is AWESOME.

Spontaneously Fun

Life is too short to be stuck in a box. Over thinking, can limit our ability to experience, to feel and to live. Yes there is risk in everything. Even waking up and going to work. But risk can be overcome, as you should never be bound by it. Stop worrying about the things that can go wrong and get out there and grow, learn and have some fun. That there is an AWESOME life. Do this and you inspire others – as others like to worry too and you will be the change they need.

Work Already

If you do the work you will have the sense of accomplishment sooner. Finishing and accomplishing a task will always be uplifting and will inspire your happiness to arise. Awesome isn’t it? If you discipline yourself to have a growth mindset (to always be growing) and always progressing towards your goals. Each time you achieve them  you will be leaving another positive mark on your life.

So if you want to be AWESOME, do the work.

Helping Others

Be kind, show compassion and help those who are in need. Helping others will help you stand out. BUT DO IT WITH INTEGRITY. Make the world a better place, but don’t go out of your way to make it a big deal, do it in everything you do. You’re doing it to help, not to look good.

Choose It – Embrace It

You need to choose to be AWESOME. Choose to EMBRACE it. It is a little mode you can toggle on at anytime you want to. The rest will just influence, fuel and grow your awesomeness. By nature and design you are AWESOME. You alone are AWESOME by being you. Will you own it?

Positive thinking will let you use the ability which you have, and that is awesome. – Zig Ziglar