Day #227: Inferiority Complex – Why You Should Punch It In The Face

Inferiority: the condition of being lower in status or quality than another or others.
Seeing other people’s success all around you and their ability to simply be better – can become a little overwhelming. But, you have to realize there is someone also better. There’s absolutely nothing you can do about that.

The only thing you have control over is how you can be your best given what you have and grow in a way that makes you a better you.

Everybody is suffering from an inferiority complex, everybody. Some will show it, some will know it, others will deny it and others will simply not even realism they have it. This whole world that you see around yourself is a proof of our sense of inferiority. Inferiority means, ‘I lack something’. Have you seen how desperate we are to gather, to collect? What all do we collect?

To name a few – good image, good salary.

Labeling people as superior is a stubborn generalization.. You might not be looking rightly, sharply at them. Can you give me a portrait of a man, you think of as superior. Can you sketch a man who appears superior to you? What kind of man would you think of as superior? Who has lots of money? Think of few people whom you take as superior. And tell me what is in them that you think of as their superiority. Why do you feel they are superior? What is it in them that appeal so much to you? What is it? Their looks, their success and what else?

You cannot draw success. There is no “way to look” of success.

The real question is: How well do you know these people?

If one of them says to you, “I suffer from a deep inferiority complex. Can you help me?”

You would most likely now all of a sudden feel like the superior one.

Let me remind you that we are all human. We all have emotions and feelings. The same feeling, that hurts you, hurts everybody. The situation may change, the comparison may change, but the feeling remains the same. Just because you see success, greatness and this idea of superiority in other people, doesn’t mean they are not struggling, learning and have issues of their own. Trust me, they have their own baggage.

You can’t judge a book by its cover – Unknown

By nature we thrive and strive to feel and be ‘just that better’.

Everybody is on the same boat, we feel as if we are specially disadvantaged. It is okay. They are victim of exactly the same game. The richest man in the world feels inferior. So there is no point at which you can get rid of this feeling. And if you have to get rid of it, you can get rid of it, right now. By not allowing it to mean much to you.