Day #236: 5 Life Changing Reasons Why You Should Journal

Here’s the truth: your effectiveness at life is not what it could be. You’re missing out. Each day passes by and you have nothing to prove that it even happened. Did you do achieve something? You are missing out on hidden lessons that life teaches you, and you can only get them through journal writing.

Writing in a journal reminds you of your goals and of your learning in life. It offers a place where you can hold a deliberate, thoughtful conversation with yourself. – Robin S. Sharma

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Writing In A Journal:

1. Journals help you have a better connection with your values, emotions, and goals

2. Journals Improve mental clarity/help solve problems/improve overall focus

3. Journals improve insight and understanding

4. Journals track your overall development

5. Journals facilitate personal growth

Now it it’s your turn.

You can ask yourself how can journaling best be of use to you? Will it enable you to vent your emotions? To help achieve your goals? To help clear your mind? What do you think ? How about you give it a go and answer it for your self.

Here is some insight of my own journal:

I crave and long for inspiration, for ideas, for innovation, greatness, beauty and just plain old simple quality. I see the idea behind it, the very core of how it attracts, how it draws in attention. This inspiration, this idea and attraction… I seem to find and see it in the simplest of things. It drives me to chase something bigger and something greater. Not just an idea but an actual way of life. Essentially a lifestyle. A way of being, a way to inspire, motivate and encourage.

What if you could take it, create it and make into something more. Pure thought into pure action. Liquid idea’s into fluid and tangible realities. A game changer. You could make it happen and make it real. I will and I can. I will succeed.

What is all this about?

This is my inner thoughts, my night’s, my dreams, my snippets of a journal, my dreams. In short it is how I want to succeed. But more so how I want to aspire to be more. I can and I will.

What I am I really getting at?

Inspiration, dreams and aspiration are hidden within all of us. Some of it is obvious, some of it is yet to be ignited. But deep down there are desires and passions driving us. Maybe momentarily or maybe entirely – but they are there. We need to let these desires be whatever they are and let them drive your heart.

If you have something you are passionate about and that you enjoy. You should chase it. You should follow it. You should make it happen. 

Want to start a journal?

These two are excellent ways to get started: