Day #237: Choose To Make Your Day More Than Just A Typical One

This is it. This is another day, typical if you make it, but it can be more if you make it that.

I choose more. I choose and want it to be more than just another typical day. The day can be anything you make it. 

An adventure, a challenge, a struggle or a grind, the day will follow your lead. Your attitude, perspective, willpower and self-control is all part of the day, but more so part of you. How you react, how you choose and how you decide is all going to indicate and dictate the next turn you will make and the next direction you will follow. 

The question to ask yourself is what will you choose. What will you decide and how will you react?

Will you make it a typical day or an extraordinary day?

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” — Mahatma Gandhi