Day #240: Constant Change Is Here To Stay – Embrace It

Life is full of change. Change which is driven by choice and change that is driven by circumstances. Controlled vs. uncontrolled.

Change: that which keeps the world moving. Without change there is nothing — there is no death, no birth, no progress. Change is that which allows for the existence of life and that which allows for the possibility of success. However, change is also that which allows for destruction and failure.

Change can be a powerful tool or your worst enemy depending on whether or not you are able to utilize it properly.

Find out what it is that you want to change, figure out what is most important to you and start with what is easiest. Use smaller victories to gain the confidence and momentum to change your life entirely. Most importantly, act. Do not fail to act and do not fail to continue acting.

You can’t always change, change. Sometimes you will know about it’s threat, but the only way o prepare for it is to accept and move forward regardless, with a work around of course.

If you stop moving, the world stops changing. Creating change is not difficult. It is not rocket-science and it is not out of your reach. You must identify, strategize, and attack. Then, you must keep on attacking until you wear down your habits into submission and create the change you are seeking. More importantly than anything else, do not lose hope and do not give up.

Without action there is only inaction — stagnancy.

Constant change is here to stay. – Unknown