Day #239: Start Today and Make It Happen


Today is the most important day of your life. Today you can make it happen. Today, like everyday is the day you make and create your future. Today is the day you can take action and turn yourself into the person you will be and the life you will have. 

Freedom begins the moment you choose to put yourself first and consciously create the life you want. – Rachel Gadiel

Ask yourself today what are your core values? How is your life defined and ruled? Do you live by the freedom of your own terms? Or are you dictated by society?

Today you have the chance to decide how you can and should spend your time and create something of your very own. 

Rachel Gadiel (another blogger) posted recently asking these questions: 

  • Are you using your time and energy in a way that aligns tight the future vision for your life?
  • Are you using it in a way that is aligned with your values?
  • Are you actually living in the present moment or are you spending it worry about what happened in the past or events in the future that haven’t even happened? (but still set your goals)
  • Are you playing small because you are doubting yourself and what you are truly capable of?
It is really easy to give up on your dream.
Resistance; procrastination; fear of failure and even fear of success ultimately prevent you from achieving what you truly want.
But that’s why I have this blog – I created it to inspire, to motivate and to encourage those around me to aspire further in their own lives.
So go on! Get out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN