Day #274: Conquer The Everyday Mountain

Conquer yourself and you can conquer it all. Lessons are always valuable as long as we take from them and apply the value they provide.  Here are some all rounded life lessons – or more so suggestions that you should adopt on your journey ahead. Described in the lens of mountain climbing, this applies to your daily battles when taking on the everyday mountains. Take the path ahead and see what you are capable of…

Always Be Prepared  Just be ready for change

Remember To Breathe – Slowly exhale. Repeat this process. You’ll be okay.

A Little Discomfort Can Be Healthy – In life, it’s important to push ourselves outside our comfort zone. We grow by attempting what we think we can’t accomplish.

Appreciate The Beauty – Sometimes, we get so caught up in the destination, we forget how beautiful the journey is.

Go Your Own Pace – There’s no need to go faster than you’re comfortable going. There’s no need to belittle your accomplishments and measure them up against others.

Don’t Let Fear Stop You – Regardless of whether or not you succeed, there is beauty in the attempt. To be paralyzed by fear is to stop appreciating the beauty that surrounds us.

Just Keep Moving Forward – Take a small break. Step back, look around and appreciate how far you’ve come. If you’ve made it this far, a few more steps won’t hurt.

A Little Is Better Than Nothing – So get out there. Go for a walk. Read a book. Grab a coffee. Put on some music and shake it off.

You Gain Perspective At The Top – Once you have climbed your mountain… The hike is rigorous and harder than you expected. You’re ready to turn back, but you keep pushing forward. You’ve gained clarity and a new perspective on what is important in your life. On-wards to the next mountain!

Revel In Your Success; You’ve Earned It – Congratulations! Instead of rushing to the bottom or moving on to the next task, take a second. Realize how far you’ve come and how much you’ve accomplished. Revel in that success. You are amazing. Throw a little party for yourself. Reflect on how far you’ve come.

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves. – Edmund Hillary