Day #308: Self Investment & High Output Of Determination

Being the best ultimately comes down to self investment and a high output of determination. If you want something so much – you will have determination like no other and the time spent on achieving this determined result, will be due to the invested time and effort on yourself. The more you begin to see results, the more you will be motivated and the further your determination will grow. As for the investment – this will begin to compound. As the original goal may be exceeded by achievement or re-planned due to the progress being made. With this, all aside – here are a few ways you can invest in yourself to help bring out the best possible output you can bring. 

Invest In Books

  • Fun Fact: People who make $35,000 or less per year read for entertainment 79% of the time. People who make $160,000 or more per year read for entertainment only 11% of the time.  People who make $160,000 or more per year read two or more books per month in areas specifically targeted to help them grow personally and/or in their careers.

Invest In A Coach/Mentor

Do you know all of the small details or the possible pitfalls? Do you know where making a tiny change could result in a huge return? Do you know where you are just beating your head against the wall and need to stop? No? But guess who does: someone who has already been there. When you hire a great coach, you will save yourself years of frustration and thousands of lost dollars. They will lead you, correct you, encourage you, and show you a vision bigger than your own.

Invest In Relationships

When you are climbing the ladder of success, don’t leave behind those you love most! Lift them into their own success and enjoy the climb together. Invest in relationships because they are worth more than the most precious of diamonds.

Invest In Health

Investing in your health has three main benefits:

  • You’ll feel much better: greater energy, a zest for life, and finally enjoying how your body performs.
  • You’ll inspire others
  • You’ll live longer: success does you no good if you are dead. When you invest in your health, you’ll be around for more years to enjoy and share your success with those you love.

The idea that a degree and a life-long job will bring success no longer rings true. If you want success, you have to make it happen. Make the investment today and reap the rewards.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. — Thomas A. Edison