Day #354: Success & Priorities – You’re The Only One You Need To Prove It To

If it is one thing I could remind you for the year – it would have to be that the only person you need to prove success to is you and as you push more and more, challenge yourself more and more and grow more and more, your mind will be wired to keep you honest, to keep you structured and to keep you fired up and motivated. What I have found is that the longer you let society dictate the way you live, the way you work, the way you spend and the way you should be – the longer you will be miserable. Shake free of being bound by what seems to be the ‘norm’. You don’t need the latest and greatest car, you don’t need all the money in the world and you don’t need to be dressed to impress.
If you have a dream, a vision, a goal or an aspiration to be, see or do – unless it contradicts ethics, law or beliefs  – you should chase it and follow your heart in making this happen. Your lifestyle may change, or conflict with how others (society) suggest it should be. But if everyone was a sheep – the question to ask is… would we have half the things in this world? Would we have discovered as much as we have?

Just remember to stay true to who you are. Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. – Oscar Wilde

The biggest obstacle you will face is you and you will always be your biggest competition. Why? Because you are your biggest critic.

Regardless, I can not empathize with you enough of how important it is to get up, get out there and give it all you’ve got. You will be so amazed by how capable you really are and once you realize this and experience it for yourself you will think, why did it take you this long to see you’re so much greater than you thought. All you need to do is be willing to get out there and push that little harder.

As we progress with success, our ambition triggers the craving for success, which ultimately changes who we are and allows us to grow. Our priorities change, our lifestyles change and what was the once the norm is now disregarded or forgotten. When you’re on a mission to meet a goal, to succeed and to achieve, your priorities shift and sacrifices are needed to be made, however…
the best parts are:
  • When your past resurfaces, but you no longer seem to care.
  • All of your past worries now seem small.
  • Suddenly, you want to be successful in all aspects of your life, not just one.
  • You’re more mature than you were before, even if you don’t notice it automatically.
  • For the first time, you feel like you have your life together.
  • You’ve finally put yourself first.
  • The future excites you more than it scares you.