Day #360: Transformation Is Possible & You’ll Enjoy The Moment


Today’s focus continues the series of what transformations you will see when we stop limiting ourselves. There is a saying that suggests life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away. When we are limiting ourselves we are also limiting our ability to make the most of the moments we have. We become narrow-minded and fail to appreciate the little things and the things of the present and in the moment. We become so stuck in the past and what has happened, or even so worried about the future – we struggle to relax and enjoy the possibility of the present. 

If we all stop limiting ourselves and if we stop waiting for opportunities to find us and we step out on our own to conquer – we may just surprise ourselves. Sadly enough people don’t try new things because they fear failure or they don’t feel comfortable in their own skin and as a result, they don’t approach new people or speak up. That’s an awful way to live life… Because — we’re all equally gifted and it’s all a matter of choice and initiative whether we’ll become the best version of ourselves or live an average life. But if you stop limiting yourself, big transformations will start happening in every area of your life right away.

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What are some of the transformations you will see:

  • (Day #356) You’ll have bigger goals: 
    • If you’re already thinking you cannot succeed, maybe you are just a little scared to dream big. I dare you to set a new big goal for 2017 and don’t set out to prove it to the world, but to prove it to yourself. Prove to yourself you have what it takes. Because you do have what it takes. But if you don’t set out to achieve a goal – you will never achieve anything better in life – unless an opportunity jumps in your lap. If you simply let go of the limitations you have set for yourself, you will soon realize you have the capabilities to set your eye on the prize and make it happen.
    • So my challenge to you is to define your deepest desires for the perfect ideal lifestyle that you would see fit, and start to take the steps in making this happen. The first one being BELIEVING IN YOURSELF. Write down these things you need to do – think of the person you need to be like in order to get closer to meeting your goals. This is it. This is your chance. Don’t waste it. 
  • (Day #357) You’ll improve your skills: 
    • Everyone gets to a certain point where they learn the same thing: Life is hard. There’s so much to learn, and, as you get older, so little time to do so. However, though there are endless bits of knowledge and abilities that a person can learn throughout his life, there are many self-improvement skills you can focus on to ensure that the rest come a bit more easily to you. Combine this with believing in yourself and your abilities more and you’ll work on fighting your weaknesses and improving your strengths. You’ll gain knowledge and experience in new areas, may even master a skill after some time. That will change your perspective of life and you’ll aim even higher after that.
    • There is never an end to the journey of self-improvement. The more you grow, the more you realize there is so much out there you don’t know, so much that you have to learn. For sure, there is always something about ourselves we can improve on. The human potential is limitless, so it’s impossible to reach a point of no growth. Whenever we think we are good, we can be even better.
  • (Day #358) You’ll overcome shyness:
    • The moment you stop limiting the ability and capabilities you have – there will be nothing to stop you from communicating with people freely and confidently. Knowing yourself and your abilities will enable you to stand tall and defeat any lack of self-esteem. If you want to fast track this experience and grow your confidence to the next level as quickly as possible… A great way to start this is by approaching one new person daily, no matter how uncomfortable or scary it may feel. Once you do that, you’ll see it’s nothing impossible. Even if it’s awkward the first few times, you’ll soon feel better around new people and will think of stuff to talk about more easily.
    • If we have a negative mindset about things that worry or scare us, we can’t function confidently. We can get stuck on the negative possibilities, and that leads us to second guess our decisions, or not make recommendations at all. Being negative and talking about all the things that could go wrong will disable us from stepping out of our shells. So take the actions and take the steps to move past the negativity and take hold of the limitations. Doing this and the above point – you will see the difference in no time!
  • (Day #359 – Yesterday) You’ll get things done:
    • With limitations gone – one of the key and important things that will happen is you will start to be productive. You will start to get things done. The lack of focus, the need or urge for procrastination or the feeling of doubt or thought of failing will soon be eradicated. As you begin to notice this more and more and tap into this new-found drive to get things done, others will too, they will notice your drive. The important point here is to ensure you have some things you plan to really tap into. These could be goals or projects – but make sure you have something to put all this new-found drive into. 
    • It would also be a good idea to focus on what you love. Without limitations, you have a chance to finally chase the dreams and take the leap into creating the new lifestyle for you. Life’s short. Do you really want to spend 23.8% of your life working at a job that you hate? Didn’t think so. Do what you love. Don’t do work for the sake of looking busy or only because someone told you to. Think about the impact. And if it’s not impacting, have the courage to say so. Challenge yourself to do great work that makes an impact.
  • (Day #360 – Today) You’ll be present: 
    • Another way we usually limit ourselves is by living in the past and dreaming of the future while ignoring the present. We constantly get back to what was before, compare it to what is now and have regrets. We also fear the future, try to predict what might happen or imagine the worst case scenario. But life happens here in the present moment. And once you realize that, you’ll be able to be more mindful of what’s currently happening.
    • We all know that life can sometimes get overwhelming: from rush hour traffic to the never-ending workload, there is always something that needs our attention. Life can crawl through you if you let negativity overtake your mind, and it will fly by in the blink of an eye if you get too engrossed in everyday life and fail to recognize and differentiate you apart from the everything else. It is therefore very important that you find time to nurture yourself and give it the attention it deserves.

“When I hear somebody sigh, ‘Life is hard,’ I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what?’” – Sydney J. Harris

Drop by tomorrow and see how the details of overcoming shyness and keep on reading for the next 6 days as there is plenty more in store – see below: 

  • You’ll enjoy life more.
  • You’ll generate ideas.
  • You won’t get depressed.
  • You’ll take action more often.
  • You’ll become a role model.