Day #054: Punch Today In The Face

Everyday should be our most favorite of them all.

Well I think they should be.

Each day is all about opportunity. Everyday you have a chance to set a new tone and set the speed and the attitude of how you will get from that start to the end.

Monday is usually the day with a bad label, however people carry on and on regardless of the day… people begin to generalize a reputation that each day or another week is rough, tough and the only good day is Friday or the weekend.

I don’t see any problem with the days. I think the problem is because you have to get up for work… and if you’re feeling this way about your work, this isn’t a Monday issue or an any day issue but a work issue.

Monday is no different to Tuesday and Tuesday is no different to Wednesday and so on, except for the mindset you have formulated it to be.

To me, each day is a chance to reset the mind, reset the chance of something new.

My day’s are broken up into the below 4 points:

1. Opportunity: A chance for something new, a chance to be better than the last day.
2. Attitude: Set it today – Set it for the day’s ahead.

Positive attitude brings optimism and motivates toward success.  With a positive attitude, your life becomes happier and more successful. – Remez Sasson

3. Setting Expectations: Set expectations, set goals and set the plan for each day. Just like a positive attitude.
4. Just Another Day: It’s like any other day  – it is up to you to define it.

My challenge to you is to make Today and each day the best day possible.

How will you define it?

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