Day #056: Screw It, Just Do It.

Screw It, Just Do It.

Richard Branson, hasn’t only inspired generations on how we do business and make money, but he has inspired many to go after it; with full gusto.

As you will be aware, Branson is known for his Virgin Airlines empire. But do you know how he began this empire?

I was recently refreshed of his amazing journey and have been reminded, that we need to knock down the walls which are preventing us from our potential.

Branson, knew what he wanted and took it. This should be no different for going after what we truly want too.

The story goes kicks off when Branson and his future wife, Joan, were travelling to Puerto Rico and their flight was cancelled.

It left them and hundreds of other passengers stranded at a small island airport.

Branson, ever the opportunist, picked up the phone and tracked down a chartered plane.

With ease he divided the cost of the plane by the number of seats, and charged the stranded passengers $39 to rebook their seats.

Instantly Virgin Airlines was born.

But what is the point here? The point is to go after what you really want. 

Before I continue, if you haven’t read Branson’s Screw It, Let’s Do It: Lessons In Life – this is a must READ!

For too long we have been stuck in a world of excuses. For too long, we convince ourselves that the time isn’t right.

STOP! Listening to the these type of excuses. Stop suggesting you will start…

  • After XYZ has occurred
  • When XY is finished and complete
  • When (insert whatever excuse it may be)

The right time to purse your dream(s) is now. It is today.

I love seeing those around me step out of their comfort zones and begin making their dreams happen.

I love seeing the smile, the excitement and the passion they enthuse to show.

You too can be like this – following your dreams and your heart.

To do so – I want to challenge you today. I want to challenge you to take the first step.

Grab a pen (I prefer a permanent marker) and some paper and this is what you are going to do.

  1. Identify 5 (or at least 1) Goals, these can be anything.
  2. Take these 5 Goals and take 4 sheets of paper. Write out 1 to 20.
  3. Now for each Goal, write and list out 20 things you must do in order to complete this goal. Force yourself to write it.
  4. Once you have done this for the 5 Goals. Identify 5 items for each goal that you can action immediately.
  5. Take these 5 items and act on them now. Literally kick off the motions for these goals.
  6. (Optional) If you are not sure how to, write and list out 20 things you need to do to kick-start this item or any item which is the easiest to start.

Start before you’re even ready to begin. The perfect time will never be ready. It’s when you take action, the magic will happen.

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one. – Elbert Hubbard

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