Day #057: The Climb. You Can Do It

Any journey requires persistence, discipline, dedication, hard work and a will to go on.

The hardest climb may take a while, it may push you to your limits, or even require sacrifice.

However the best view comes after the hardest climb.

When you finally get to your goal, the time taken will feel well worth it.

You will have new limits, a new threshold for sacrifice and a result equaling reward.

The point is – even if it is tough now, don’t stop, as the end of the hardest climb might be the just around the corner!

Unfortunately, we are our own worse enemies, our hardest competition and our biggest rivals.

The stereotypical view society expects from us is that we need to prove to society that we are good enough.

Well I believe this is wrong and so should you.

The only person you need to prove or convince is YOU.

Once you believe in yourself, understand your skills, your talents and passions in life, you will conquer.

As the world only portray’s that you need to be at a certain level to make it. But if you are your greatest and you know it, you will change the world.

Because, if you believe that what you have to say or do is worth sharing and good enough for others, then it will be good enough for them to help them grow, change and learn. Which means it is also good enough for the rest of the world. Good enough for the world to help grow, change and learn.

Be confident in you, be confident in what you believe and be confident in sharing your message. – Chris Furlong

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