Day #089: Yesterday Was Monday

Yesterday was Monday, but it was Easter Monday her in Australia and you know what that means… Today is the new Monday.  What else does it mean? 

It means that today is the DAY to be AWESOME. Start this shorter week with a positive mind and attitude and see the rest flow through!

Today I have some prompts to ask yourself if your on the right path and its even more crucial to ask yourself at the start of the week. 

Take a moment to ask and think about the below points and how they apply to your life and if you fit in with these or maybe you don’t.

Regardless – these points are some of the common traits in which people determine if they are on the right path, journey towards their goals and dreams.

But before you do read these, remember:

If we all try to excel in our individual capacities, the world around us excels too. – Unknown

Read them you like this:

How do you know you are on the right path in your life?

  • You begin to believe that there is more to life than keeping your CV updated.
  • You don’t mind selling sandwiches but you are no longer a slave to society and its work demand.
  • You practice what you preach others.
  • You stand up for yourself and do not allow anyone to treat you like a doormat.
  • You just pick up the phone and talk instead of waiting for someone to be online.
  • You realize that smartphones won’t make you smarter.
  • You don’t depend on strangers for your own happiness.
  • You tell your inner voice that questions your ability to pursue your dreams to ‘Shut Up’.
  • You have found at least a person who would cry if you died.
  • When you actually want to wake up in the morning over sleeping for ‘5 more minutes’
  • When struggle makes you optimistic and not upset
  • When you are not worried about future
  • When you feel completely happy and satisfied while going to bed. No matter how exhausted you are
  • And most importantly….


So how did you go? Do you think you make the cut?

If you have a favorite one – I challenge you to share it!

I have two:

  1. When you feel completely happy and satisfied while going to bed. No matter how exhausted you are.
  2. When struggle makes you optimistic and not upset.

Share yours!