Day #091: Overcome Overwhelmed

We’re almost 25% through the year.  A quarter done and dusted.

Where has it gone? What have you achieved? What are you yet to do?

Is life busy, is life overwhelming? Are you keeping up with what you have chosen to do for the year?

Education? Study? Working? Work? Family? Love?

We have so much going on, when and where can we breathe and reflect let alone let loose and live a little or just have some me time?

Well if it helps – just remember you are not the only one with all these things going on – so don’t think for one second that you have it tougher than someone else. As there will always be someone else who is going through more and worse than you.

With this said though – you are allowed to feel overwhelmed; for if you are feeling overwhelmed, the positive way to view this is that it is your body and mind telling you that you are growing. You have reached a new point outside your bubble of comfort and you are feeling it! Like all the hard work you do at the gym, (you better be going) the next day is when you feel the growth… the good pain.

This overwhelming time may be stressful, full of pressure and scary… but it is growing you and you will get through it.

You have before and you will again.

“Hard work begins when you deal with the things that you’d rather not deal with: fear of failure, fear of standing out, fear of rejection. Hard work is about training yourself to leap over this barrier, tunnel under that barrier, drive through the other barrier. And then, to do it again the next day.” – Seth Godin

My trick towards taking on a full on week, a full load of work or in any case to be honest, is to have a regular routine.

The best way I stay honest, dedicated and motivated is by setting aside the time in my week to do my regulars, making a routine. We are all creatures of habit, some more than others, but we all tend to work better with a set schedule as it is a sense of security.

You can have one big routine, or you can have multiple routines in a day. Regardless, build a consistent schedule and create your routine down to the details. Yes that includes, the meals you make for breakfast, lunch and dinner, to the times you commute to work, to the music types you listen to at certain times. The list goes on…

Build and create your own, make it a shadow of your existence and make it automated by doing it regularly – soon enough it will come second nature.

With this all in mind I guess the most important thing is to take a break once in a while. Even if this means 30 mins out of a busy day. A BREAK is a BREAK.

As taking a breather will do these 5 things:

  • Give yourself a perspective on what really matters
  • Lower overall stress levels
  • Raise self-awareness
  • Focus on the present
  • Reduce Negative Emotions

How will you plan your day?