Day #092: The Timeline

We are all on a journey with a timeline to be who we ought to be – so why not choose and accept the journey and don’t let the world control it, but take control of it yourself.

“You roll out of bed everyday of your life regardless of if you are happy or not. Whether you love or hate what you’re doing, you still awake and do what you do. So why not roll out of bed and work towards your dreams, reach for a new goal this year. There is a clear path to what you want in life. So start by taking one step towards your goal and don’t look back!”– Chris Nowak

Regardless of where you are on the timeline of success and your journey to becoming your greatest. Remember you will always be the best if you give your best. As long you keep being that then you will continue to stretch and grow yourself.

The below video is a small yet powerful reminder that we are all on a journey and some of us have just started, while others are the ultimate professionals. 

Regardless, we should be encouraging those above and below us or even next to us to ensure they are going to continue to grow and confidently too with the support they need.

So where are you on your timeline? Who are you encouraging?