Day #093: Until You Are Done

Looking ahead towards your destination, this can stir quite the scare. Not always knowing how things are going to pan out or how they are going to look when all is done and dusted… can cause unnecessary stress and increase pressure.

But fear not, as whenever something is coming your way, rather than trying to give up try to find ways to push further.

I understand that looking forward can seem overwhelming and I know that it can all seem a little too much.

But in time, in strength, effort and with a solid mind you will be pushing your way further than you could have imagined.

I know for me – When I look ahead and I can see a pile of work/tasks or challenges to complete. This is where I need to be positive about it.

Being Positive About It

  • Look at the situation and redefine it though a positive perspective
  • Smile about it – embrace the challenge
  • Know your limits, but know you will grow too

“The only way to feel better about myself is to go out… and do it.” – Susan Jeffers

It will always seem impossible in the beginning, but that is because you have no idea of what it yet to come.

But soon enough you will see just how MORE THAN CAPABLE you are and you will feel even better about it once it is done.

So will you apply a positive perspective?