Day #098: Take A Boost


To boost one’s confidence, trial and error may be involved, however through the ongoing growth and persistent action, you can get there.

How many times does it take us to realize that if we continue to make the same mistakes over and over – that we will never grow. 

How many times, must we put ourselves through misery, shame and embarrassment, because we were too sacred to speak up or to scared to take action. 

What will it take? Does it take others to tell us? Or does it just take a moment to say I want this. I want change. I want to be better.

Confidence is something everyone struggles with, as there is always bigger fish out there, bigger and better than you. Trust me, even those who seem to be the most confident of them all, they will always have aspects and areas in their lives they don’t love about themselves, which will impact their confidence.

After reading a few articles this week, I have found 5 of the most common ways to boost your confidence. You can take these and apply them or you can ignore them, it is up to you.

  1. Fake it ’til you make it
    Funny enough the trick to emitting a confident vibe is simple really. Fake it. Pretending and believing your self-confidence is up there; soon enough it will be, and usually without you realizing. One tip for this is, before you walk in the room just remind yourself to put on your confidence.
  2. Check yourself before your wreck yourself  (body language)
    You should always be aware of how you position yourself. Your body works as an image, it can express a thousand words. How you stand can subconsciously emit your confidence and will impact how others perceive you. Examples:

    A scientific study showed that if a person stands in ‘Superman Pose,’ where they place their hands on their hips and put their shoulders back, they are more likely to be confident and perform better during interviews and other tasks.
    Stand upright in this position for five minutes before any situation that demands confidence and you’ll notice a difference.
  3. Focus your thoughts
    If your mind is in the rough, if your mind is on the negative, if your mind is anywhere but positive, this will lead to doubt and inadequacy. Brush down any thoughts which will limit your confidence. Focus on the things that make you feel great when doing whatever it is you are doing.
  4. Stop comparing
    The moment you stop comparing yourself to the people around you let alone the highlights of their lives as seen on their Facebook, Instagram and other social medias, you will be and see yourself as more confident than ever. Once you find happiness from within, this will radiate around you. 
  5. Connect & engage
    People who have a low self-confidence are usually stuck in their own mind, battling negative thoughts or thoughts about people around them thinking negatively. Instead of approaching a situation with these thoughts, focus on people and things around you that emit a positive vibe. Build your confidence through growth. Whether it be through conversations, reading or sharing. 

Remind yourself that everyone has their own path and you are exactly where you are supposed to be, and you’ll find yourself being more confident than you were before. – Maria Admira