Day #027: That’s Called Purpose

Having a rough morning? Place your hand over your heart…feel that? That’s called purpose. You’re alive for a reason; Don’t give up. – Unknown

I want to remind you just how special you are. Take a moment and place your hand over your heart. That beating you feel, that is called purpose. You my friend are here for a purpose, a purpose that will change the lives of others – heck… you may even change the world. But don’t forget you should be the change in the world you wish to see.

Your purpose may either be clear to you or you are still in the progress of finding it. Trust me, I totally understand that not knowing what your purpose or passion is can drive you mad.

I tell you today. Don’t give up. Don’t give in.  You are unique and you are special. What you bring to the world will never be found again and who you are should be known to the world!

If you are not sure on what your purpose is than the only two clears I know are:

1. If you believe in God – ask and trust in him and he will lead you there.
2. Follow your heart, follow where it leads you.

If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose. – T.D Jakes

Here are some focus points and resources to help find your passion:

Regardless – we all have rough days, weeks and times. If this has been something ongoing for a long time. don’t give up… maybe it is a dry season, but don’t give up. Keep soldiering on! The moment when things will start to change, may be just around the corner. 

Get out there today and own it!

Day #026: Be A Good One!

How does one become successful? Success can mean a lot of different things. For some, wealth. Others, happiness. Many, power. Perhaps success to you is building your dream company. For others, perhaps being financially independent. No matter what your definition of success is, they all have the same requirements — you need to put in the work, every single day.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing — that’s why we recommend it daily” — Zig Ziglar

Becoming your best at everything you put your mind and hands too, comes down to your ability to persist through day after day, struggle after struggle and challenge after challenge. With an attitude of determination, a willpower of strong discipline, you can be the greatest at what you do, simply by putting in your best. But it comes through daily work.

Some of you will have read/heard this already but let me remind you of the late Steve Jobs and what he said at a Stanford University commencement speech:

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. You have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something–your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life. The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.

To give you a little incentive to take on the challenge, to embark on the road to self-discovery, here are three huge benefits from working to become the best, most genuine version of yourself.

1. It Will Make you Happy
Getting to know who you are, will make you feel more comfortable. Once you have learned to love who you are, you will more confident than you can ever imagine, or like never before!
This will have so many benefits to you.  It will reduce your stress and anxiety. It will make you a better spouse, a better parent, a better friend. It will make you a better person. Those are all pretty good reasons, if you ask me.

2. You Pay a Huge Price When you Engage in Mindless Distraction
You will learn that as you progress through life the real true ones you can rely on are; loved ones, friends and family.

There’s a business concept called opportunity cost. When you choose one course of action, you miss out on all the other opportunities you might have chosen to pursue but didn’t. People rarely stop to consider that until it’s too late. 

3. It’s the Most Exciting Journey you Will Ever Embark On

Opportunity for adventure is out there each day, right in front of you. It is there for you and everyone. Until you take it, you’ll never know what you might achieve, what marvels you might create and what you might discover. All you have to do is start the journey.

Day #025: You Can And You Will

You won’t know you can do it, until you have done it. – Chris Furlong

We all have problems when it comes to giving ourselves credit when due. Humble it may be, but we also hide in a shell, becoming abssent of being confident in ourselves, and we lack the faith to believe that we can do it and do it well.

I have news for you!

You are only as good as you say you are. So what exactly are you speaking over your life?

What are you challenging yourself with? Is it a New Years Resolution? Personal goals? Chasing a bigger dream? 

Regardless, if you are saying each day that you are not good enough or that you cannot do it – how will you ever be? How can you expect to be GOOD enough. We set the temperature of our expectations and our days ahead. So expect GREATNESS and present a POSITIVE attitude. 

There are PLENTY of reasons why you are good enough and you should be saying “I can and I will”.

1. You are smart, resourceful and brilliant.
2. You help anyone that needs you without a second thought.
3. You care about being a good person and living an honest life.
4. You are a kind, compassionate and grateful person.
5. You honor your core values and what’s important to you.
6. You invest in yourself and your own growth and development.
7. You have great hopes for your own future.
8. You are a responsible stand-up citizen of this world and of your country.
9. You are setting a great example for others in everything you do.
10. You believe in the goodness of humanity and have a pure heart.
11. You believe in the beauty of your dreams and plan to pursue them.
12. You have already taken the first step to pursue your dreams.
13. You bring useful and important ideas to life.
14. You put your knowledge and information to good use every day.
15. You affect the lives of those around you even if it seems like in small ways to you.
16. You don’t give up even if things go wrong and life beats you down.
17. You have a creative genius and you let yourself tap into it.
18. You take steps every day towards creating the life of your dreams.
19. You correct your mistakes without shame.
20. You look your fear in the face and don’t let it stop you.
21. You improve yourself with constructive feedback from caring outsiders.
22. You are humble and learn from life’s lesson and let it make you better.
23. You are stronger and harder to break than you think.
24. You are surrounded by friends and family that care about you.
25. You are more generous than you realize.
26. You have worked hard in your life and earned your success.
27. You have not let life’s scars make you cynical or bitter.
28. You have a caring gentle soul and are a gift to so many around you.
29. You are an important asset to your community and your work.
30. You are building a life that will leave a beautiful legacy behind.
31. You are a much better person and the world is a better place because of you.

 Your goal today is to say:

  “I Can And I Will”

Now take this and set your eyes on the end game. Set your eyes on your goals and you get out there and make it happen. You know why? Because you can! But will you? Are you willing?

I believe you can, as you are more capable then you would know (as noted above)… but only you can chose if you will!

Day #024: Courage At It’s Best

We make all sorts of excuses for not making important changes in our lives and even worse than that, is we LIMIT, DOUBT and DIMINISH our self belief and fail to trust ourselves.

We think that if we get into a new situation, we won’t know what to do or how to react. We become worried that this uncharted territory of the future will be too much for us to handle.

C’mon… Give yourself more credit than that.

Unexpected changes will always come your way and in the end you will always turn out fine.

Have enough courage to trust yourself. No matter what happens, you’ll figure out a way to make it work.

Courage is not found in superstars but everyday heroes such as yourself. YES you have what it takes. YES you have the power which is enough to make a difference and it is enough to change the world and enough to show your true colours.

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” ― Vincent van Gogh

We have all failed and made mistakes and when this happens again, you need to pull yourself together and take a step of courage and press forward. 

Here are some tips you can try: 

  • Remind yourself that fear isn’t always helpful.
  • Expand your comfort zone gradually.
  • Remember to breathe.
  • Take a step back and get objective and some perspective.
  • Think of how you’d view a friend in the same situation.
  • Ask, “Who do I need to become?” instead of, “What do I need to do?”
  • Take action.

 “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.” — J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Day #023: Just How Far…

Running isn’t about how far you go but how far you’ve come. I’m always moving forward, looking for the next challenge.” — Bart Yasso

I think we can all agree that we can get so tied up and stuck thinking of what could have been, or where we might have been if we did things differently, that we forget to reflect and actually identify how far we have actually come.

Just take a moment and really think about this? Seriously! STOP what you are doing and just think how far you have come?

Think about all the things that are new in your life. Take a moment to look back over the last few years and identify 3 things for each year which has changed in your life or opened new doors. Think hard and see how many things you can identify to resemble just how far you have come.

In the last few years what have you conquered? Don’t try to find something over the top but keep it simple. Such as:

  • Completing University
  • Starting a new job
  • A promotion
  • Losing weight
  • Started running

What are some things in your life which you have completed? It could be as simple as finishing a 5km run. Identify these and think about what it took to actually complete these chapters in your life. Actually looking back and seeing the growth in the little things, actually reflect the greatness in side you. 

Where you go is all part of the journey of how far you’ve already come. Each day and each step is another chance and moment in your journey. Reflecting on the growth you have achieved, will enlighten you for the present and encourage you to keep growing as you progress forward. 

Day #022: The Best Being You

Have you ever asked yourself – how things could have been better if you had  done this, or that? Have you ever wondered how it always seems that the people around you are doing something more, or something better or stronger? It almost seems that for others, the grass always seems to be greener?

Most of you will be familiar with this – seeing friends growing up quickly, moving away, moving on to the next chapters in their life. Maybe you are still stuck at home, or on a slow path to success. Maybe you thought you would be further by now…

It’s easy to be different, but very difficult to be better. – Jonathan Ive

Well the matter of the fact is – no matter what you’re doing or think you’re doing, the people around you will always seem like they are heading a different direction or a better direction. This does not mean you are going the wrong way, it just means you are structured. Structured in your own way, in a way in which you are moving at the pace which is right for you. However, if everyone else is going another way, maybe this means you’re different, maybe it means you’re following your path. The path that will lead you to the best version of you.

Regardless – we can go more and more into this, but the real point is; you should always aspire to be better today than you were yesterday.

You don’t always get what you want.

And if you do get what you want it won’t be all at once.

What you can always get is a new experience, a new challenge or something that will push you more. You can get this everyday.

The real question is: Are you willing? Are you willing to go the extra mile for you?


Day #021: Set Your Expectations

Being hard on yourself to the point in which your strongest competition is yourself, will enable you to reach further, push harder and achieve more. Understanding expectations when responsibility is handed your way is crucial to this process as it sets the bar in which you need to deliver let alone go above and beyond.

Now, this has its flaws, but it also has pro’s. Let me explain…

Often people live life according to what other people think is best for them; their friends, their family, the media, or the society we live in. However, pleasing other people and living up to their expectations can leave you feeling like a failure, or at best stressed out.

Don’t try to keep up with everyone else’s expectations, set your own and achieve them. You only get one life – personalize it, and live it.

To improve your life doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Sometimes a few tips are all that you need to start living better. – Amy Johnson

With this all in mind, there are some other things you can do to help push yourself further, achieve further and be better than the day before. I wont go into too much detail, but feel free to add a comment and ask a question.

1. Understand that failure is important

2. Be good to your body

3. Keep exercising your mind

4. Put those fears aside

5. Remove the negative feelings – be positive

6. Live in the moment – make the most of it

7. Be kind to those around you

8. Be committed to yourself

So what will you do to help push yourself further? Do you have high expectations for others and not yourself? 

Day #020: Stars Make Me Dream

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Lao-tzu

Do you have a dream embedded deep inside your heart that you want to pursue? If you do, then I have one question for you. 

Have you taken the first step necessary to achieve it?

Taking the first step is perhaps the most difficult thing to do when setting off to conquer a dream. Taking the first steps requires one to overcome mental obstacles, which in most cases will usually determine those who are serious about chasing and actualizing their dreams, or if they are simply just dreamers and only that.

Here are some DONT’s to help you solve the mental obstacles:

  • Don’t wait until the situation is perfect.
  • Don’t wait until other people agree with you.
  • Don’t wait until your skill is good.

Here are some DO’s to successfully take the first step:

  • Believe in your dream.
  • Visualize your dream.
  • Expect a hard way ahead.
  • Take one bite at a time.

#ASKYOURSELF: Are you struggling to identify how to get to your dream?

1. Take a blank sheet of paper and write your current problem or goal at the top of the paper in the form of a question.

The question should be as specific as possible. The more specific the question, the better the quality of the answers. A specific question allows your mind to focus clearly.

Instead of the general question “How can I improve my skills?”, write “What can I do to reach my dream by the next 5 years?”.

2. Think of 20 answers to this question. Force yourself to write down 20 different things you can think of doing, either now or in the future, that will help you reach your goal.

Some of the things you might come up with:

  • Complete a Degree
  • Improve XYZ skills
  • Start a blog
  • Write a more compelling posts
  • Develop a better headline for my ads
  • Cold call 5 potential investors
  • Work fewer hours

The first 5 answers will be easy, the second 5 will be harder and coming up with the last few answers may seem impossible. But don’t stop until you have created at least 20 different answers. If the ideas are flowing, keep writing them down until you can’t come up with any more.

3. Go back over the ideas and select at least one to be acted on immediately. 
This is absolutely critical to the success of this method. It is the willingness to take action on your ideas that will keep your creativity flowing. Great ideas will not help you unless you act on them!

4. This is an optional step that can help you progress even faster. Once you’ve selected the idea you want to act upon immediately, perform the 20-Idea method on that point, creating 20 ways you can take action and make that point happen. 


Day #019: You Are BEAUTIFUL!

Beauty shouldn’t be something we have to work for – it should be something easy to achieve. It’s actually quite simple really. You just need to be who you are and live a happy life.

Beauty should not be defined by one’s appearance, nor should it be defined by the way we lead or live our lives.

“Don’t change your body to get respect from society. Instead let’s change society to respect our bodies.” – Golda Poretsky

So how do you be who you are? How do you live a happy life?

  • Follow Your Passion, It Knows Where You Should Go
  • Help People
  • Explore, Play, Laugh, Enjoy
  • Move More, Stress Less
  • Set And Celebrate Milestones
  • Make Your Own Path
  • Define What Success Is For You And Chase It
  • Collect Memories And Experiences, Not Things
  • Be Your Own Hero
  • Believe In Yourself
  • Trust Your Instincts
  • Do What Is Important To You
  • Don’t Stop Learning
  • Be Thankful
  • Be Optimistic

True beauty is never about looks, it’s all about being a good person. What makes you beautiful is being kind, carefree and happy.

I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised to find you how beautiful you really are.

A small snippet from Brian Lee of Lifehack org, reminds us:

Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old. – Franz Kafka

Some days you wake up and right when you are going to begin your work, you feel a presence within you that stops you from doing so. You sit down, but you sit down quietly this time. Suddenly, that feeling where you once were so passionate and energized to take action just isn’t there anymore. You try to hype yourself up but it’s not working, and everything you do seems to be counterintuitive. You face the truth. You don’t want to work today and you don’t feel motivated to do anything but just escape. Without this motivation, you feel a little hopeless, lost, and stuck.

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut. If you’re not a hundred percent passionate about your work, then it’s impossible to wake up everyday feeling motivated when you wake up. You might compare it to the ocean. Sometimes you’ll wake up feeling like a tsunami, other time you’ll feel like just barely drifting to shore. When you feel like drifting to the shore, understand that it doesn’t always have to feel like there’s no hope. You can still feel inspired when there’s no motivation.

Day #018: I’m Going To Be Somebody

There is a common saying / cliché that when you grow up you want to be a something or someone. Well, the problem with that is, you already are a someone and a somebody and if you have a dream or an idea of what this someone should look like, you can start working on this today, you don’t have to wait until you grow up.
So get this in to your mind: YOU ARE ALREADY SOMEONE!
You are:
  • Someone who is more capable than the day before.
  • Someone who has the ability to make things happen.
  • Someone who is confident.
  • Someone who is happy.
  • Someone who can move mountains.
  • Someone who can inspire.
  • Someone who can encourage.
  • Someone who is worth it.

The list goes on and on…

But the REAL question is – do you believe it? If you don’t, or if you do… Here are some things you can do to help realize it and help keep it knowing it!

  • Keep Pushing Yourself
  • Stay Positive
  • Be True To Yourself
  • Cultivate Determination
  • Always Keep Growing
  • Never Stop Educating Yourself
  • Time Is Precious
  • Live In The Moment
  • Be The Best Version Of Yourself
  • Failures Are Steps To Success
  • Always Move Forward
  • There Are No Limits
  • Life Should Be Enjoyed
  • Reflect On Your Experiences
  • Be Proactive
  • Be Flexible
  • Change Starts In The Inside
  • Negativity Is Toxic
  • Live Your Life

Choose the positive. — You have choice — you are master of your attitude — choose the POSITIVE, the CONSTRUCTIVE. Optimism is a faith that leads to success. – Bruce Lee