Day #363: Transformation Is Possible & You Can Be Depression Free


Today’s focus continues the series of what transformations you will see when we stop limiting ourselves. We have all felt this way for either a short or long period of time, but to minimize it – we once again need to stop limiting ourselves. I am talking about depression. Depression is often a result of the stress and unhappiness we bring to ourselves by not following our path in life, not doing things we enjoy, not being social or expecting the best to happen. (Obviously, there are other causes too.) But when you stop limiting yourself you’ll always be doing something – either spending quality time with loved ones and new friends, being focused on your current activity and doing productive work or working on your goals and dreams.

So there won’t really be anytime and reason to get depressed.

If we all stop limiting ourselves and if we stop waiting for opportunities to find us and we step out on our own to conquer – we may just surprise ourselves. Sadly enough people don’t try new things because they fear failure or they don’t feel comfortable in their own skin and as a result, they don’t approach new people or speak up. That’s an awful way to live life… Because — we’re all equally gifted and it’s all a matter of choice and initiative whether we’ll become the best version of ourselves or live an average life. But if you stop limiting yourself, big transformations will start happening in every area of your life right away.

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What are some of the transformations you will see:

  • (Day #356) You’ll have bigger goals
  • (Day #357) You’ll improve your skills
  • (Day #358) You’ll overcome shyness
  • (Day #359) You’ll get things done
  • (Day #360) You’ll be present
  • (Day #361) You’ll enjoy life more
  • (Day #362 – Yesterday) You’ll generate ideas
  • (Day #363 – Today) You won’t get depressed:
    • Depression is a seriously hard thing to overcome. Many people get it only once in their lifetime. Other people get bouts of depression again and again, which makes a life hard living. Depression by nature is complex and that means it can be a challenge to overcome or it can be a matter of following simple steps. But regardless – depression has one weakness. Your persistence. If you will continue fighting until you get the life you want! If you begin to break down the limits you have placed on yourself and if you ensure your motivation in check then you will get there. But the key here is to remember: You are not alone. You will never be alone.
    • The quote below from Robin William’s in The Fisher King offers us a reminder that attitude, not reality, determines our mental health. Depression is a disease of distorted reality. We all admired Robin Williams as a masterful human being who had so much to offer the world with his comedic genius and compassion and goodness as a human being, his view of himself was not what we all saw. He apparently could not see past being a man alone, in pain, with no hope in sight of relief.  “And being a fool, he was simple minded, he didn’t see a king. He only saw a man alone and in pain.” – Robin Williams, The Fisher King
    • You need to keep yourself honest and take control of the changes you want to see. Depression is also one of those major times when you must rely on family and friends. So, go out and seek help if you need it.

“Without good health, it’s hard to enjoy life. So I’m going to keep myself and my loved ones always healthy.” – Unknown

Drop by tomorrow and see how the details of taking action more often and keep on reading for the next 2 days as there is plenty more in store – see below: 

  • You’ll take action more often.
  • You’ll become a role model.