Day #364: Transformation Is Possible & You’ll Take Action More


Today’s focus continues the series of what transformations you will see when we stop limiting ourselves. Taking action and successfully completing that task gives you a feeling of ‘you can do anything’. That’s what it can be like each day when we stop limiting ourselves more and more. Most people have too many doubts and insecurities, they also fear failure and distractions seem to always get in the way too. But once you have peace of mind and the right amount of confidence, you’ll also take initiative, act upon your goals and turn ideas into reality. You’ll do many other little things like asking a question when you want to know something, not waiting for the perfect timing and conditions to do something, expressing your opinion and thus simplifying communication. And much more.

But it all starts with doing something right away instead of over thinking it and coming into 2017 – this is what you need to be considering.

If we all stop limiting ourselves and if we stop waiting for opportunities to find us and we step out on our own to conquer – we may just surprise ourselves. Sadly enough people don’t try new things because they fear failure or they don’t feel comfortable in their own skin and as a result, they don’t approach new people or speak up. That’s an awful way to live life… Because — we’re all equally gifted and it’s all a matter of choice and initiative whether we’ll become the best version of ourselves or live an average life. But if you stop limiting yourself, big transformations will start happening in every area of your life right away.

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What are some of the transformations you will see:

  • (Day #356) You’ll have bigger goals
  • (Day #357) You’ll improve your skills
  • (Day #358) You’ll overcome shyness
  • (Day #359) You’ll get things done
  • (Day #360) You’ll be present
  • (Day #361) You’ll enjoy life more
  • (Day #362) You’ll generate ideas
  • (Day #363 – Yesterday) You won’t get depressed
  • (Day #364 – Today) You will take action more: 
    • Limiting ourselves plays on our laziness and tempts us to constantly taking the easy road in life. The easy road is less risky, it doesn’t involve a lot of effort and it’s comfortable. Change requires you to step out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. You have to change yourself, your surroundings even your habits. Once we have broken free of limiting ourselves to actually take action, then we can start getting things done. 
    • The key to getting things done is to consistently get things done. It is about building a new habit and making it so much a part of you that you don’t have to think about how you’re going to get it done and what you’re going to do to psych yourself up for it; you just sit down and complete it. To build any new habit, you must take small steps and increase the size of these steps only once you have no difficulty with the one you’re on. Apply this with consistency and you will start to see the increase in results improving.
    • If you stay on this road, there will come a day when you’ll want to tackle a project that everyone around you says is too big for you to realistically handle — and you’ll handle it with ease.

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso 

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