Day #091: Overcome Overwhelmed

We’re almost 25% through the year.  A quarter done and dusted.

Where has it gone? What have you achieved? What are you yet to do?

Is life busy, is life overwhelming? Are you keeping up with what you have chosen to do for the year?

Education? Study? Working? Work? Family? Love?

We have so much going on, when and where can we breathe and reflect let alone let loose and live a little or just have some me time?

Well if it helps – just remember you are not the only one with all these things going on – so don’t think for one second that you have it tougher than someone else. As there will always be someone else who is going through more and worse than you.

With this said though – you are allowed to feel overwhelmed; for if you are feeling overwhelmed, the positive way to view this is that it is your body and mind telling you that you are growing. You have reached a new point outside your bubble of comfort and you are feeling it! Like all the hard work you do at the gym, (you better be going) the next day is when you feel the growth… the good pain.

This overwhelming time may be stressful, full of pressure and scary… but it is growing you and you will get through it.

You have before and you will again.

“Hard work begins when you deal with the things that you’d rather not deal with: fear of failure, fear of standing out, fear of rejection. Hard work is about training yourself to leap over this barrier, tunnel under that barrier, drive through the other barrier. And then, to do it again the next day.” – Seth Godin

My trick towards taking on a full on week, a full load of work or in any case to be honest, is to have a regular routine.

The best way I stay honest, dedicated and motivated is by setting aside the time in my week to do my regulars, making a routine. We are all creatures of habit, some more than others, but we all tend to work better with a set schedule as it is a sense of security.

You can have one big routine, or you can have multiple routines in a day. Regardless, build a consistent schedule and create your routine down to the details. Yes that includes, the meals you make for breakfast, lunch and dinner, to the times you commute to work, to the music types you listen to at certain times. The list goes on…

Build and create your own, make it a shadow of your existence and make it automated by doing it regularly – soon enough it will come second nature.

With this all in mind I guess the most important thing is to take a break once in a while. Even if this means 30 mins out of a busy day. A BREAK is a BREAK.

As taking a breather will do these 5 things:

  • Give yourself a perspective on what really matters
  • Lower overall stress levels
  • Raise self-awareness
  • Focus on the present
  • Reduce Negative Emotions

How will you plan your day?

Day #090: Explore. Create. Life

When you are trying to figure out what it is you like to explore, create and aspire to be in life, questions will always help jolt your thinking.

Below I have collated the top 8 questions that reignite your thinking to figuring out what you want to do with your life.

  1. What did you dream of becoming when you were a child?
  2. Where do you spend your free time?
  3. Listen to your mind wander – What does it really wish it could be doing?
  4. What is an activity you do that makes you feel so happy, that when you do it, the time flies by?
  5. What type of activities, events, shows, books, media and even people are you attracted to?
  6. Letting go of the past – if you let go of any limitations you have placed upon yourself, what would you do?
  7. What does success really mean to you? Define your perfect life…
  8. You can have any exact amount of money for the rest of your life. How much would you take and how would you use it?

So from the above – have you found yourself closer to identifying what it is you want to do?

With this all in mind keep in mind your goals.

Goals are one of the most important parts of any journey, they set the tone for your mission. Goals provide clarity when times get tough. They reinforce why you are doing, whatever it is you are choosing to do. Setting goals and visiting them often will keep you motivated.

Here is a small thought for you:

“Imagine if you put 10 of the greatest Olympic runners in the middle of a wide open field and just told them to run. They might run, they might not, but with no idea why or where they are running, they would eventually all stop.

So let’s take those same ten Olympic runners, let’s put them on a track, give them each a specific lane they must stay in, let them start at the sound of a gun, with a finish line signified by a large black and white checkered ribbon, heck we will even hand out medals to the top three finishers. Now guess what will happen, they are going to run like crazy and give every last ounce of energy they have, until they reach the finish line. 

So which runner you would you rather be?” – Chris Nowak

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Day #089: Yesterday Was Monday

Yesterday was Monday, but it was Easter Monday her in Australia and you know what that means… Today is the new Monday.  What else does it mean? 

It means that today is the DAY to be AWESOME. Start this shorter week with a positive mind and attitude and see the rest flow through!

Today I have some prompts to ask yourself if your on the right path and its even more crucial to ask yourself at the start of the week. 

Take a moment to ask and think about the below points and how they apply to your life and if you fit in with these or maybe you don’t.

Regardless – these points are some of the common traits in which people determine if they are on the right path, journey towards their goals and dreams.

But before you do read these, remember:

If we all try to excel in our individual capacities, the world around us excels too. – Unknown

Read them you like this:

How do you know you are on the right path in your life?

  • You begin to believe that there is more to life than keeping your CV updated.
  • You don’t mind selling sandwiches but you are no longer a slave to society and its work demand.
  • You practice what you preach others.
  • You stand up for yourself and do not allow anyone to treat you like a doormat.
  • You just pick up the phone and talk instead of waiting for someone to be online.
  • You realize that smartphones won’t make you smarter.
  • You don’t depend on strangers for your own happiness.
  • You tell your inner voice that questions your ability to pursue your dreams to ‘Shut Up’.
  • You have found at least a person who would cry if you died.
  • When you actually want to wake up in the morning over sleeping for ‘5 more minutes’
  • When struggle makes you optimistic and not upset
  • When you are not worried about future
  • When you feel completely happy and satisfied while going to bed. No matter how exhausted you are
  • And most importantly….


So how did you go? Do you think you make the cut?

If you have a favorite one – I challenge you to share it!

I have two:

  1. When you feel completely happy and satisfied while going to bed. No matter how exhausted you are.
  2. When struggle makes you optimistic and not upset.

Share yours!

Day #088: Habit + Willpower = ?

Start now. Start where you are. Start with fear. Start with pain. Start with doubt. Start with hands shaking. Start with voice trembling but start. Start and don’t stop. Start where you are, with what you have. Just … start. —Ijeoma Umebinyuo

If you want results, you need to apply some action and keep momentum.

A parked car will never move – so stop sitting around procrastinating, making excuses to move and get up and start.

If you want some results, I can promise you some if you follow a small formula. Guaranteed.

But you have to be willing to take action and be willing to actually apply the formula. Let me say that again.


Your results will come from your motivation. Motivation

Motivation = Habits + Willpower

Look at it as discipline. Applying discipline each day for a long period of time is a like compound interest.

Compound Interest: Assume you have $100 invested, and you earn 5% interest in year zero (that's what it's called in finance). You now have $105, which earns 5% interest in year one. Simply stated, compound interest is where your previous interest earnings are allowed to earn interest as well. (See Image)

If you apply daily discipline and create a new habit through willpower to prove to yourself that you even can – then you will be motivated more and more by the result.

Which will surely lead to results in which I believe is success.

Forming habits can be hard or really, really simple. It is all about limits, quotas and challenges.

Setting yourself a daily quota to do something will enable you to more likely stay dedicated.

Examples: “Do 20 math exercises a day”, “Read a textbook chapter a day”, “Write 500 words a day”.

Make this a priority for each day for 365 days.

Then you need to just evaluate what this can do for you. Remember make sure you pick something realistic.

I say keep it smaller to enable consistency.

Now you want to take whatever it is and calculate the development of this daily discipline.

I see huge advantages in setting non-ambitious quotas like this: work will pile up in a good way.

  • If you do 20 math problems a day, for example, after 1 month you’re 600 problems smarter.
  • If you read a textbook chapter a day, after 2 weeks you read the entire book.
  • If you write 500 words a day, after 2 months you end up with a full novel.

But lets strip this back even more. Take a look at the image below.

It compares where you end up if you improve by 1% every day for a year instead of going worse by 1% every day for a year.

How about sticking this up on a wall or somewhere to remind you how this consistency will pay off.

1.01-37.80.99-0.031.01 = 37.80.99 = 0.03

Another way similar to the above is to increase what you do by a (x) amount each day.

So start with a baseline of 1 push up. Then increment daily by 1. The next day, do 2 and so on. So by the end of 1 year you will do 365 push ups on your final day. But think of the compounding. If you do not increment each day by 1, by the end of the year you have done 365 push ups. Those 365 might be more push ups you did than last year, so that isn’t bad.

BUT! If you increment by 1 each day for 365 days. By the end of the year you have done 66,795 push ups in a year.

Yes that’s right: 66,795 push ups

See my thinking? See my point?

  • Imagine what you can do with this when you apply it to your strengths.
  • Imagine what you can do when you apply it to your weaknesses.
  • Imagine what you can do when you apply this to your personal financing, your mental capacity, your fitness (as mentioned above) and I am sure you can think of your own!

Are you as excited as I am?

Because 66,795 of whatever it is always going to be amazing!

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Will you?

Day #087: Stay Positive

We all have our tough moments and difficulties in which sometimes it is easier to give up or surrender. But, I find the best way to build and create your mindset for optimism and opportunity is to stay positive. Being positive can be overwhelming for others, but it can also inspire and challenge others – let alone yourself.

Sometimes the difficulties we face in life come from situations out of our control, and other times our difficulties are a direct consequence of the decisions we make.
In life, we cannot change events or their outcome.  We can, however, choose the emotion and meaning we attach to them.

Especially when you are fighting for a goal or working towards a target. You may be stuck to move forward, so find another way but remain positive.

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal. – Unknown

If you still find it hard to stay positive or maybe you are looking for new ways too, the below 10 questions will help.

10 Questions To Ask Yourself To Stay Positive When Times Get Tough:

  1. Am I Still Breathing?
    Yes you are. But take 10 minutes and just breathe deeply. Keep your breathing right to stay relaxed.
  2. What Is My Part In This?
    Acknowledge and accept if you have a responsibility in the current situation. 

    Don’t take or cast the blame, but focus on fixing your mistake.
  3. What Is In My Control?
    Identify what you can control and focus on that.
  4. What Is Out Of My Control?
    Identify what is out of your control, note it and move on. Let it go.
  5. What Is My Emotional State?
    Before you go making quick on the fly decisions, make sure your head is in the game. If you need to take a breather do it.

    I like to go for a run or hit the GYM to refresh the mind.
  6. What Is The Most Important Thing I Can Do Right Now?
    This may be nothing, but identify what it is the most important thing and do it.
  7. What Can I Learn From This?
    With every challenge and set back comes a lesson learned. This is to grow you and build you.
    Don’t ask yourself ‘Why me’ but ask your self ‘What can I learn from this’.
  8. Am I Taking Care Of Myself?
    When challenges arise, the most common things we do are eat less, sleep less, and get less physical activity. 
    Maintain a normal sleep schedule.  Eat healthy.  Stay hydrated.  Get some physical activity.  
    Maintaining your physical state is a key to maintaining your mental and emotional states.
  9. What Are My Choices?
    Make a list. Write them down. Pros vs. Cons. This will create a fresh perspective and bring all the options together clearly.
  10. Will This Matter 5 Years From Now?
    Don’t sweat the small stuff… and really, 95% of our difficulties are all small stuff.
    Asking yourself if this will matter in 5 years times, will bring you back down to earth and remind you that this is a small challenge and it isn’t the ‘end of the world’.

These 10 Questions should help increase your confidence that yes, we can weather this storm.  

Remember: Progress is progress, no matter how small, and progress towards resolving a difficult situation will boost your self-esteem.

Day #086: Think Outside The Box

When it comes to thinking outside the box, we get so worked up in trying to be unique, out there and so focused on creating something which has never been thought of before. What if thinking outside the box, wasn’t actually thinking outside the borders of the box but was actually thinking inside.

Let me explain.

In this day in age there isn’t a lot of things that haven’t been thought of.

Usually the new innovative things are through the evolution of technology and what it can enable.

In 2015 Uber, the world’s largest taxi company owns no vehicles, Facebook the world’s most popular media owner creates no content, Alibaba, the most valuable retailer has no inventory and Airbnb the world’s largest accommodation provider owns no real estate.

But let’s take a step back. What if the new was actually the old?

What if we take what is inside the box and put all options on the table.

This isn’t about trying to add new things to the box but more so, taking a look and applying these things inside the box in a whole new way.

It’s all about perspective.

The problem really is locking down exactly what is in the box and then having the patience to really have a look at what the box contains from the many possible perspectives.

How we then apply it with what we have, will always come in shapes and sizes. Like combinations, one person could apply what’s in the box this way, compared to another doing it that way.

So if we view this with our own abilities, skills, passions and talents. Ask yourself:

What do you have in your box? What are you good at? What can do you do that others can’t?

But more so what can you do differently that others are doing normally?

How can you take all your skills, apply it to the norm and make the difference?

I think this is what will make you to really be ‘outside the box’. It is just a matter of identifying what you can do and applying it.

I challenge you to answer these questions above, to have a read of the below recommended books.

See what you can do to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

Some great books that can help you lock down your strengths, your passions and skills are below:

Day #085: Motivate & Drive

What motivates and drives you?

Today I want to prompt your thinking, challenge your motives and encourage your motivation. I want you to really get know who you are and what you are doing.

Let’s start with your morning:

  • What makes you get out of bed?
  • Why do you have / do not have breakfast? Is there reason for either?
  • Are you a morning person? What one word would define why you are?
  • What one word would define you if you’re a night owl?
  • How long does it take you to smile?
  • What’s the first thoughts on your mind?

Your daily do:

  • Why do you do the job you do?
  • Would you do it for free?
  • If you don’t have a job, then what would you want to do?
  • Are you ever stressed?
  • Does stress motivate or hinder you?
  • Challenges or no challenges?
  • Are you stretching your comfort zone?
  • How often?

Spare time: 

  • How do you spend it?
  • How much spare time do you have?
  • Week days compared to weekends?
  • Do you exercise?
  • At home or gym?

The above are just some prompt questions to get you thinking about your drive and or motivation.

Motivation comes from looking at the things you want and realizing what it takes to get it – Unknown

What I would suggest is you take the same idea and ask yourself about all areas of your life.

The more direct yet open questions you ask the more you will need to think about it.

Try writing these down with a pen and paper as a better way to work that brain of yours.


Day #084: Just Keep Swimming

I’m no swimmer but I am persistent. I’m constantly fighting myself about the idea of being where I want to be. I can see the end, I can see what I want and I know what I want. However, I also see the present and I don’t entirely see how I am going to get to where I want to go or I don’t always see the results coming through. But what I do know, is if I continue to push, continue to step it up, to bounce back, to fight harder, I will get there. I will get there.

No matter what comes my way, I need to adjust, I need to embrace and I need to conquer any hindrance. If I fail, I shall try again.

Regardless – I will learn and pivot and go after my goals with a new perspective!


Everyday I am trying to improve and challenge myself to be better at what I do and who I am while at the same time grow into the success I want to be.

In order to do this, it requires me to step it up, and step out of comfort zones and sometimes take a leap.

Being willing to stretch that little more and to take someones confidence in you will inspire you and remind you of just how capable you are.

 I’m doing this in small doses in order to conquer fear; but I must say, it is working.

Rather than making the excuse, why not give it a try – to see what you can do… you may even surprise yourself.

My challenge to you today is to challenge your fears, be willing to grow and just see what you are really capable of!

 “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it.” — Maya Angelou

And whenever something gets in the way, hinders you and creates a set back. No matter what…


Day #083: React To Life

Life is broken down depending on how you react. We all make mistakes in life and there is no point giving yourself the guilt trip about it. All the guilt in the world cannot change it, however what you can do is reclaim your confidence moving forward by applying yourself into forgiveness, work to rebuild, and work to make a difference! 

Today is a new day and so is tomorrow.

Don’t go into either of these stressed!

 “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it.” — Maya Angelou

Worrying won’t make it easier or better, it won’t change a thing. All it will do is scare you, bring fear and lower your confidence.

Utilize this into a fuel towards making yourself better, prepping yourself, working harder, growing and to be willing to step out of comfort zone!

Embrace these opportunities of creating negatives into positive outcomes. It ain’t easy, but the hard effort will reap the rewards of self growth and returns for the future!

Rethink your thoughts today!

Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. – Charles Swindoll

How will you react to your life?

Day #082: Knock Knock It’s Opportunity

Today – the day in which if opportunity doesn’t knock, you should build a door. This week, actually any week for the mater is a week controlled and is set by you and your attitude each and every Monday. I love Monday’s and so should you. It is the day in which I believe will make you or break you for the 6 days to follow.

But Monday has passed. Today is Tuesday.

So why not make the best of each day. Yesterday, (Monday) I like to call it Massive Monday.  What I mean by massive is; make them loud, make them fun and make them the way they should be. Be productive, be happy, be joyful, have a positive attitude and determination to push forward.

BUT, every other day should be like this too. Just as important as Monday. As yes Monday may set the tone for the week, but you can then make a difference each day of the week remaining. Each day is an opportunity once again.

“Even when opportunity knocks, a man still has to get up off his seat and open the door.” Anonymous

Monday resembles a new leaf we can turn. Especially on the topic of chasing dreams and goals – Monday is like a reset button.

But in the same essence, so is Tuesday and everyday to follow. We get a chance to do it all again, wiping away whatever was said or done yesterday or last week. This time we can do it again but this time bigger, stronger and more ready than ever.

Unfortunately society likes to make out Monday to be the worst day of the week.. this is usually due to what happened the prior week or the weekend. We tend to stereotype Monday as the reason why we don’t want to work. But maybe Monday isn’t the issue at all.

Maybe the problem is ourselves, I mean yes we have ALL have different experiences, and perspectives but…

If you’re really struggling with Monday, to wake up, get up and head off to what you do.. then Monday isn’t the problem. You are probably feeling this same drain throughout the week…

It is what you are doing that is the problem.

I don’t know how many times I have reminded you… that you should be doing what you love.

Find that passion, that drive and follow it as long as you can.

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. – Marc Anthony

I think once you have your daily do’s in order, Monday, Tuesday or whatever day… will be a new day and this time – it will be a day you will love.